Valhalla, I am coming.



My heart’s always with you now…

I’m gonna make you fall.

Loki: How long will it last?
Frigga: I don’t know. This time it’s different. We were unprepared.
Loki: So why did he lie?
Frigga: He kept the truth from you, so that you would never feel different. You are our son, Loki. And we your family. We mustn’t lose hope that your father will return to us. And your brother.
Loki: What hope is there for Thor?
Frigga: There’s always a purpose to everything your father does.


Thor taking home his dead brother after he was defeated by the Avengers. Inspired by Lana Del Rey’s “Born to die”. I don’t even know anymore. I will cry very, very hard if Loki dies in The Avengers.


Don’t ask me what the hell is that, because I don’t know either. I just wanted to do something for my Bubu, known also as Jess or my huzbund lol. ILY.


Top 15 characters I wish were real:

Loki Laufeyson.


And we’ll be good
This time we’ll get it, get it right
It’s our last chance to forgive ourselves

Muse | Exogenesis: Symphony part III


When you fall and you can’t find your way
Push your hand up to the sky
I will run just to, to be by your side
Don’t you ever bat an eye

Push Your Head Towards The Air | Editors.